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About Us

We make your dreams reality. We are dedicated to helping those in our community do what they really want to do. You aren't alone, for there are many groups that share your same interest and we want to connect you together. We are here to help your business thrive.

Working Together

Anytime. Anywhere. We are always available to work with you to achieve your dream business. Whether you are looking to improve your work-shop, expand your business, or just an individual looking to sell your art, there is always a way re-create your vision into our real world.

What is your dream business?

There are an unlimited amount of ideas ready to be produced. Helping others will always be our passion and we want to make sure you have all you need to succeed.


Web Design & Hosting

Get a clean look

We'll work closely with you to deploy the best looking website for you. Attracting many users with some personality.

Business Solutions

Keep your team connected

With Microsoft 365, keep your team well managed with communication and task lists. Keep your team connected when working from home or anywhere!

Remote Closer

Ensuring convenience and security every step of the way.

Our expert remote closers make your transactions a breeze, ensuring a hassle-free and secure experience that brings the deal to your doorstep.

Cloud Design

Evaluate and improve your cloud architecture .

Improve your current cloud architecture to provide maximum efficiency. If you do not have a current architecture, consult with us to design one!

Application Design & Publish

Go mobile!

Let us help you design a easy-to-use application for people to use!

Internet of Things

Trying to collect more data?

Let us install some Raspberry Pi's into your daily work and gather more accurate data to improve your business model!


OS Flexible

Windows, MacOS, Linux we are ready to help in whatever environment you are looking for.


Easily navigate your data with 3rd Party support. We can show you how!


No matter where or when you stay connected with our elite team.

Flexble Storage

Looking to expand or shrink? We can support your scalability requirements.

Dynamic Scaling

We are able to expand with you. Upgrade at any time.

Transforming everyday.

We keep up with the latest technologies to ensure you are receiving the most efficient methods.


Happy Clients!




Hours Of Support




“I recently hired S&S Technologies to re-design and deploy a new website for my small company. Alex, the owner, was very responsive to our initial needs, and at my request, was extremely creative and in providing us with innovative designs. The whole process from design to deployment was very professional, timely, and personal. The end result is a site that exceeded all of our expectations and has already become a key tool in our business operations. S&S Technologies continues to provide hosting services for our site and is now part of our preferred IT vendor list. We will definitely use them for many more of our IT needs moving forward. I highly recommend S&S Technologies as a trusted partner.”

-Scott Mitchell, CEO, Avail Solutions, LLC


What regions do you support?

S&S Technologies is able to support any commercial business located in the United States of America. Keep up with us to find out when we go Global!

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